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Donut BBQ boat hire

Round boats on the water meet a lot of different people and watercrafts. On this occasion our customers with their theme party had a lovely time cruising the gold coast Gold Coast waterways

Plan your next party with Coasting Around be the envy of your friends, the best party location on the gold coast with 360 degree views of Surfers Paradise and Main Beach.

Enjoy your own private piece of paradise in a luxury round boats on the water! Relax with up to 10 friends in your private round boat with a central table and ice tray for drinks. No Boat License is required for these self-drive round boats and they are perfect to ramp up your next event!


Boat hire rental Surfers Paradise

Cruise around the waters of the Gold Coast and relax while taking in the amazing scenery of Surfers Paradise or drop anchor and crank the tunes while enjoying a cold one and some food with your friends.


Have a BBQ on a round boat

Optional Charcoal BBQ available for that unique Aussie experience ($35 charge payable on the day of experience). Please advise if you would like to rent a BBQ during the booking process.

Round Boat hire includes Esky, Speaker System, Maps, Fun Facts and local information. With the departure point only 2 minutes’ drive from Sea World, this is a perfect location to take your group on this wonderful adventure.



Rent a donut BBQ boat on the waters of the Gold coast. Go to the book now page.  

Kids Birthday Party on a Round Boat

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