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International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2019

The official Talk like a pirate day is held is held worldwide on 19th September 2019. Why not have a Pirate Party on a Round Boat.  If you want some details about what it is all about then read on…

Talk like a pirate day started in June 1995 when 2 friends (John Baur and Mark Summers) decided it would be fun to dress up as pirates and talk like them to celebrate the start of the holidays. Originally  it was held on June 6th  but that was changed to September 19th due to D day.

What can I do – Grab yourself an eye patch, wooden peg leg,  plenty of Grog and cutlass (plastic please) and use a terrible accent to say “Argh me hearties” “shiver me timbers” or for the beginners just “Arrrrr!”

The phenomenon that is International pirate day has been celebrated on every continent and even on the international space station.

The patron saint of this holiday is the English actor Robert Newton who played Lon John Silver in Disneys adaption of Treasure Island. Robert was born in Devon UK and became the first pirate to use the phrase “Arrh mateys” in his west country accent.

So to celebrate this magical holiday (in the state of Michigan USA).  Coasting Around have teamed up with Fishermans Warf tavern and Rebel FM Gold Coast  to offer 5 pirate parties with a 2 hour Pirate Party on a Round Boat beforehand. So grab your best party costume, practice your best pirate talk, grab your mates and head off to Rebel FM to fill in the form.  Ash Craig and the crew may call you up so be prepared to answer in your best pirate voice to be in the draw.