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Gold Coast Facts

Attractions & Features: The In 1998, research undertaken for preparation of the City Council’s Nature Conservation Strategy highlighted the fact that the Gold Coast is the most biologically-diverse city in Australia. It’s vegetation ranges from mountain rainforest to coastal wetlands and is home to more than:

  • 34 species of amphibians
  • 323 birds
  • 72 mammals
  • 71 reptiles
  • 25 species of fish

Gold Coast is a dynamic city with a wide variety of built and natural attractions including:

  • 57km of beaches with an average water temperature of 22 degrees
  • A large broadwater and five major river systems
  • Major shopping centres as well as numerous boutiques, specialty shops and markets
  • More than 500 restaurants and cafes offering cuisine from around the world
  • Nightlife entertainment from nightclubs, restaurants, clubs, hotels and Conrad Jupiters Casino to Broadway musicals, ballet and theatre
  • Theme parks including Warner Bros Movie World, Sea World, Dreamworld and Wet ‘n’ Wild as well as several wildlife parks such as Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Rural hinterland stretching to the west and north of the City encompassing many natural wetlands
  • Tropical rainforest with abundant wildlife and numerous bush walks
  • Large sugar cane farms and a wealth of industry in the northern districts of the City
  • World-class sporting and recreational facilities
  • A huge range of accommodation from five-star international resorts to camping grounds
  • The Gold Coast Seaway (completed 1986) providing safe ocean access and over 270km of navigable waterways.